A Level Pathway

A Level Pathway:

This is the traditional academic route of A level subjects. Most of our students following this route will go the university.

You can choose 3 or 4 subjects from the list below, and will also study for the AQA Extended Project Qualification.

The A levels are two year courses, with examinations that will be completed at the end of Year 13.

• A level Art and Design
• A level Biology
• A level Business
• A level Chemistry
• A level Drama and Theatre Studies
• A level Economics
• A level English Language & Literature
• A level English Literature
• A level French
• A level Geography
• A level German
• A level History
• A level Mathematics
• A level Further Mathematics
• A level Music
• A level Physical Education
• A level Physics
• A level Product Design
• A level Psychology
• A level Religious Studies
• A level Sociology

Entry requirements:

A minimum of grade 4 in English and Mathematics, and an average point score in the rest of your GCSEs of 42, where a B is 46 points, and C is 40 points.

You will also have the opportunity to resit your GCSE in English and Maths during the course of Year 12 if you do not achieve a Grade 5.

You will also need to meet the specific entrance requirements for each subject. 

how to calculate your average points score: