Accessing work from Home

Students and staff CAN access their own files, shared files on the school server, the WGS Intranet and access to Microsoft Office365 and/or Office 2016 programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Step 1: Open a Remote Desktop Connection Application on your computer

  • Microsoft Windows Users: go to the start menu,  type "remote desktop" and open up the remote desktop connection application

  • Apple Users: CoRD is a free Mac OS X remote desktop client for accessing Microsoft Windows computers. Click here for download details

Step 2: Connect to the Wood Green School Sever

In the remote desktop connection application type

Do be sure to press the down arrow Options button in the bottom left hand corner and set up Local Resources: tick the clipboard box so that you can copy text and pictures to and from home and school

After clicking Connect, a confirmation box may appear asking you to give permission to connect to the remote PC. Tick the do not ask me again box and then OK/Yes.

Step 3: sign in

You will then be presented with the familiar school logon screen, at which point you can sign in. First type woodgreenschool and then add a back slash  and then your normal school username eg woodgreenschool13young.r 



Remote access gives users access to files stored on school servers including My Documents and the ability to run Office 2016 without a home copy. Other specialist applications, e.g. Serif, cannot be run remotely.