Subjects in the Witney Grid


Subjects in the Witney Grid

Most students in our Sixth Form take all their A level subjects at Wood Green. However there is the option to take one course offered by Henry Box. The combination of A level subjects offered by the two schools is called the Witney Grid. The two schools have similar timetables to allow a wider choice of subjects.  This joint grid should allow you to choose the courses most suited to your abilities and future plans. A copy of the grid can be found here

Before you select your courses you need to be clear about the two learning pathways on offer at Wood Green Sixth Form. 

Students who choose the A Level Pathway study 3 or 4 A Level courses of their choice, and the AQA Extended Project Qualification. The entry requirements for this are higher than the combined pathway. Further details about the A level Pathway can be found here

Students who seek a more vocational route can choose the Combined Pathway. Here, they will study 2 A levels at Wood Green and a Level 3 vocational qualification at Witney College, as well as the Extended Project Qualification. and three A levels at A2. The entry requirements for this pathway are lower than the A Level Pathway. Further details about the Combined Pathway can be found here

Please note that students opting to study Further Mathematics must take these subjects in both boxes.


As you may be aware, all A levels have changed. The system of modular A levels has been phased out and has been replaced by linear A levels, in which all of the examinations will be taken at the end of two years of study.

At Wood Green, you will sit the final A level examinations at the end of Year 13. Students will no longer be required to sit an AS examination at the end of Year 12.

The demands of these new linear courses are significantly higher. For this reason, most students will study three A levels.

Universities are keen to see students’ ability to research and develop their ideas, and the AS Extended Project Qualification is an ideal vehicle in which to demonstrate these higher order skills. You will complete this during Year 12.