Regular school attendance is important and we will actively pursue the goal of regular attendance.

Please ensure you contact school by 9am if your child is going to be absent. Students should arrive at school by 8.25am when the bell will sound for registration.

Please report your child’s absence from school via the Attendance tab on Insight which is our preferred method for parents to report absences.

If you do not have an Insight login, you can request one by contacting Mrs Wilkinson on

Yrs 7-11 attendance

If you are unable to log in to Insight, please email us on or telephone us on 01993 702355 to report the absence.

Sixth Form attendance

If you are unable to log in to Insight, please email us on or telephone Sixth Form on 01993 899524 to report the absence.

If your child is marked absent at registration you will receive a text alert unless we have received notification from yourselves regarding an absence. Post-registration absences can also be detected and reported to you. We are also able to text parents about unexplained absences. Please notify the school if you update your mobile, work numbers and/or email address. As a school we are meeting the Government’s recommendations by contacting you on the first day of your child's absence. As always your child's safety is our main concern.


We need to be certain that your child is in or out of school for safety reasons, for example in the unlikely event of a fire. If for any reason your child arrives later than the end of registration then they should go to Student Services to sign in. If you know that your child will be late please use the Attendance tab on Insight to report this.


Similarly students leaving early for, say an appointment, should sign out at Student Services please use the Attendance tab on Insight to report this in advance. We ask that you inform us of such arrangements beforehand so that the Attendance Officer is aware.


Please try not to take children out of school in term time e.g. book medical and dental appointments for outside of school hours whenever possible, and avoid taking family holidays in term-time. If Parents/Carers need to request leave during term time, please use the Application for Leave of Absence during Term Time form and return it to the Attendance Officer at school.

The County Attendance Team have produced a 'Parents Guide to Managing Sickness Absence from school', please click here to view this as it contains lots of useful information.

Please refer to the WGS Attendance Policy for more information.

Please view the WGS Penalty Notice Warning Letter for parents Sept 2021 with regards to referrals to County Attendance Team to issue Penalty Fines for absences from school for the purpose of holidays during term time without authorisation from school.

Updated: February 2022