Bridging the Gap - Year 12 Summer Work

A vital part of planning for A levels is to have a real understanding of the content and the levels you will be expected to work at. Every department in the school has created some high quality pre-A-Level work which enable students to be really well prepared for their Sixth Form career.

For students who are unsure about which A levels to take, this would be a great opportunity to work through different subject options in order to make the right decisions for their future educational career.

This will also include some preparatory work for the EPQ, which all students should attempt.

Students would not be able to start a subject in September if they have not completed this preparatory work in advance. We hope they enjoy this opportunity to explore their subjects in greater depth.

We would encourage them to contact their subject teachers, or the Sixth Form email, should they have any queries regarding the content of this preparatory work.

Students studying a subject at Henry Box will be able to access work via their website from May, 

A Level Preparatory work for Year 12 students starting Sixth Form in September 2022.