Careers Guidance Years 8-11

careers guidance at wood green


Wood Green School has an ongoing commitment to ensuring that all our students have access to good quality impartial careers advice, thereby ensuring that each student has the best possible foundation on which to base their future choices and pathways.

Each student has access to information in the Careers Library as well as the Careers Advisor.  David Bingham from Adviza provides impartial careers advice for Years 9-13, helping students make those crucial career decisions from choosing GCSEs, Apprenticeships and A Level Choices.  Every Year 11 is seen by the Careers Advisor to make sure that they have explored all possible options before making their decision about their post-16 education, since it os a legal requirement for all young people to be in either education, employment or training up to and including the age of 18. Careers is also an integral part of the tutor mentoring process again ensuring that our Year 9s and Year 11s have adequate support to help them make informed choices regarding their options.

Careers education is also covered in Personal Development beginning in Year 8 through to Year 11.

Year 8:    In Year 8 the students start exploring the World of Work, matching careers to subjects.  The majority of students also attend a Working with Parents day in May/June.  Any students who are unable to work with their parents are given work experience within school.  This experience is then followed up in class and members of the school staff come and talk to the students about their experiences in the world of work. 

Year 9:   At the begining of Year 9, students are encouraged to become involved in the wider community, through visits from outside agencies such as the Scout and Military Cadet movements as well as local volunteering organisations.  In this important year each student is given access to Elipse to look at their own skills as they start thinking about their GCSE Options.  As part of their Personal Development programme all year 9 students have taught sessions on making GCSE choices in terms of career pathways (matching careers to subjects), an introduction to Elipse and are provided with an Options Booklet. Following on from this,  Parents and students are invited to an Information Exchange Evening followed by a Parents Evening where parents and students can discuss their options with their subject teachers.  Any Year 9 who is unsure about their choices and who has been identified by their tutor as needing additional support, is offered an interview with our Careers Advisor.  There are also taster lessons available for any GCSE choices that are new to the students.  The most able student are also given an opportunity to have a taster day at a University.  

More information about GCSE options is avaliable here.

More information about eClips is available here

Year 10:    As part of the Personal Development programme, students attend workshops presented by the Sixth Form, Oxfordshire Apprenticeships, Abingdon & Witney College and Oxford Brookes University. Outside speakers from different professions, including STEM careers (science,technology,engineering and maths) describe their work, and the pathways leading to their profession. The Year 10s also have an assembly from David Bingham our careers advisor.  Careers Interviews will begin in the Summer Term for those students who have requested an interview or are undecided about their choices for post-16. The Morrisby Test careers assesment is offered to any students that apply to sit it.   In the summer term, the students begin to make their applications for Work Experience as part of their personal development programme. In addition, the students are taken through a series of lessons on money and finance.

Year 11:    After their week on Work Experience, the Year 11 Personal Development programme takes the students through the process of revisiting and researching thr Post 16 options available to them. They are also given some training on interview skills, and the writing of personal statements, as a prepation for their mock interviews. These interviews are carried out by members of the local business community and the students are given valuable feedback as part of this process.   During the second term of Year 11 every student spends a week on Work Placement.  We ensure that every student has an one to one interview with our Careers Advisor David Bingham to ensure that they have the right guidance and advice for their chosen route after Year 11. Again, as in Year 10 , The Morrisby Test careers assessment is offered to any students that apply to sit it.

All students who show an interest in attending the Sixth Form at Wood Green School have an interview where they will be given advice on choosing their A level options.  Advice can also be obtained from Tutors and Subject Teachers.

The students are also made aware of Abingdon and Witney College Open Days and any apprenticeship events happening in the local community.




10th October 17                  

Sixth Form Information Talk - Cornbury

13th October 17

Sixth Form Information Talk - Wychwood

19th November 18

Work Experience Professional Pathway - all week

19th November 18

Work Experience Academic Pathway - Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd

23rd  November 18 

Academic Pathway Aspirational Day






10th  January 17

Matching GCSE options to Careers  -  Wychwood

17th January 17

Matching GCSE options to Careers  -  Cornbury

23rd January 17                                

Options Assembly

24th January 17

Last Orders

31st January 17

Choosing Options  -  Cornbury

7th February 17

Choosing Options  -  Wychwood

22nd February 17

Parent Exchange Evening - Options

9th March 17

Parents Evening

23rd March 17

Deadline Date for Options Choices

Information resources


The government's National Careers Service website is an excellent resource for students wishing to begin to develop employability skills in preparation for their chosen job. You might want to start with their section on Career Guides for Young People if you're unsure what job might suit you.

The Scottish Government's Skills Development website is a very useful resource. It has a very handy Careers A-Z Tool which offers an exceptionally comprehensive database of careers information, including skills/qualifications needed, routes into careers, typical salaries and useful links. Obviously the target audience is young people in Scotland, but the advice and web links are applicable to the whole of the UK.

The National Stem Centre (which promotes careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) also has a wealth of information for any student who is interested in careers in any of the above subject areas.

 If you'd like to learn more about apprenticeships, the National Apprenticeship Service website is a very good place to start. There is a Parent section that helpfully explains how apprenticeships work.

Oxfordshire County Council's excellent Oxcentric website offers advice and guidance for young people (aged 13-19) looking for jobs, apprenticeships, opportunities for voluntary work and advice on things like money and health etc.

There is a companion website - Boombox (aimed at 8-12 year-olds) - which is really useful for Year 8/9 students.





UCAS Experience Days


Taking place at the Medical Society of London - these experience days will teach students about careers in medicine from the basics to personal statement advice, interview tips and all led by UK doctors who sit on medical school admissions panels. More information available by visiting:

UK Hospital Work Experience

The only opportunity anywhere for students aged 16+ to shadow doctors in UK hospitals together with a group of students from all over the world. Sessions take place during February Half Term and all throughout Summer 2017. More information available by visiting:

Hospital Work Experience Abroad

For the more adventurous, hospital work experience in India or Thailand for students aged 16+ where students can shadow doctors and live with our student groups from all over the word, fully supported by our extensive staff teams. More information available by visiting:

Advice Service 

Students considering healthcare careers often have many questions about their chosen career path. As our office is full of medical students, doctors and admissions experts, we're more than happy to answer any questions students may have - simply email

Oxford Health NHS

Exploring Nursing Taster Week 13th-17th February , further deatails can be found here