Careers Using Your Subjects

The subjects you choose may impact what you go on to study later and what career you go on to afterwards. Have you chosen your favourite subjects? Will your subjects help you towards your goals? How will your subjects be used in the future? There are many things to consider.

Ask yourself questions like these...

  • What subjects do you find interesting and enjoyable?
  • Where might your subjects lead you?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What do your parents, friends and teachers think you are good at?

There are plenty of websites to help you decide. Here are just a few to start you off:

MyWorldofWork has an excellent tool show how your particular group of subjects might lead to a variety of careers. Astronauts need Maths, Science and English, for example, but so too do Educational Psychologists.

Ansbury Guidance lets you explore related university courses and get ideas for where your favourite subject could take you. Enter your choices to download a factsheet with a selection of ideas.

Target Careers has lots of good guidance on A-level subject choices that lead to employment. It has info on different careers, how you might choose a career, and what subjects and qualifications you might need to enter a career.

Be Ready - recognises the development and implementation of essential employability skills is key to helping people realise their life goals.  For more information see Here

You may still have lots of questions and your Head of Department is here to support you and help you consider your options.