Duke of Edinburgh Awards

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards are offered to students at Bronze, Silver and Gold Level and are run by Mrs Tylee. The Awards are very popular amongst students and we are fortunate to have trained staff to accompany them on expeditions at each level.

The aim of the Award is to encourage independence in young people outside the classroom. Students achieve their Award by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections: Volunteering, Physical, Skills , Expedition and for Gold, a Residential.

Each programme can be full of activities and projects that students enjoy, and along the way they’ll pick up experiences, friends and talents that will stay with them for the rest of their life.

Bronze Award

This is offered to all students in year 9 during the summer term and completed within 12 months.

The award involves:

  • Learning a skill, for three months (a hobby, skill or interest)

  • Doing Physical Recreation, for six months (sporting games)

  • An Expedition (on foot), where students plan, prepare and undertake a two day and one night  venture supervised by staff. Students will also undertake a practice expedition. They are required to have completed their skill, service and physical recreation sections by the end of the summer, in order for them to take part in the expedition, which takes place in July/September.

For more information follow this link: https://www.dofe.org

Bronze Expedition Dates:

Training weekend:  

Training weekend: 

Assessed weekend: 20th/21st May 2017. Please click here for further information. 

To enrol:

Click here for the enrolment form.  The costs for Bronze DofE is £40 where £19 is for DofE and £21 covers administrative and licensing costs. Deadline for sign up is 9th June. Payment is made via ParentPay. 

Silver Award

At this level the participants follow a similar format to the Bronze section of the Award. However, the commitment to each section is a further three months. The Expedition section is a three day, two night venture on foot.

Gold Award

The Gold award follows logically from the previous levels, but requires a longer time commitment, being more of a marathon than a sprint. In past years activities have included cycling. The Gold Award also has an additional residential section that students must undertake. This involves a shared activity, working with people the candidate has not met before in a residential setting away from home for five days and four nights.