Enquiries and Complaints


Parents with questions or problems concerning any aspect of their child’s education should, in the first instance, contact the form tutor.  The tutor will, in many cases, be able to respond directly, or alternatively will pass on the matter to an appropriate person, so that they can deal with it. 

Parents can use email to contact a member of staff via the WGS Office office@wgswitney.org.uk, who will forward your message. The member of staff will then get back to you by email, telephone or letter depending on the nature of your enquiry. 

Formal Complaints

Any formal complaint should be made in writing and addressed to the Headteacher. He will acknowledge the letter, indicating who will deal with it and by when.  In most cases the Headteacher will not himself, in the first instance, investigate the matter.

Further Action (in rare cases)

Once the school has dealt with the matter, should a parent so desire they can take the matter further by writing to the Chair of Governors at the school. If, after the governors have dealt with your complaints, you are still unhappy with the decision that was taken, you can contact the complaints department at Oxfordshire County Council for advice on what to do next. For example, if you feel that the governing body has acted unreasonably, you can consider complaining to the Secretary of State for Education.