Lower School Festival (Years 7 & 8)

Wed Nov 22 08:45:00 2017

The Lower school Festival is an opportunity for all of the Year 7 and 8 students to come together to celebrate their skills across the school and beyond.  Each department within the school runs a competition, which can range from written work, posters, making and performing. There is one entry per tutor group for each of the competitions which leads to points awarded on the day of the Festival. At the end of the morning there will be one winning tutor group in Year 7 and one in Year 8. There is then an overall winning learning community in Year 7 and again Year8: Wychwwod v Cornbury! Competition is on!!

The festival takes place this year on Wednesday 22nd November. All Year 7 and 8 tutor groups will be off timetable in the main hall together for periods 1 and 2.

Students will display their work on the tutor group boards for written and display events and then will be given the opportunity to perform their Drama and Music entries alongside any talents they have in the Talent Show section.

Selected groups and students will be invited back to perform later in the day for the local primary schools (Year 6 students).

All students and their families are invited to school on the evening of the 22nd to celebrate all of the students hard work and achievements. Further details to follow. 


Mrs Stokes (Drama Department)