Illness at school

Many of our staff are trained in first aid, and are thus qualified to deal with the minor ailments that can occur during the school day.  Children should therefore report to the medical room situated in the main corridor or to the main office, should they feel ill.  Our school matron is on duty from 8.30am to 3.30pm daily.  First Aiders are on call at all other times.

Whilst regular attendance at school is absolutely essential for educational progress, parents should take care not to send sick children to school, who then have to be sent home during the first part of the day.  Likewise, any injuries or ailments occurring at home cannot be dealt with at school.  Please do not send sick or injured children to school for us to ‘look at’.  Such cases should go directly to your doctor.

In cases of emergency students will be sent to hospital and parents notified.  It is regretted that we cannot take sick children home.

If your child becomes unwell or sustains a minor injury you will be contacted and asked to collect him/her.  If you are unable to provide transport, we can arrange a taxi, but must charge this to you.  No student will be sent home unless we have been able to contact you.  With this in mind it is essential that you give an emergency contact number where we can reach you during the day.  Please check and return the data collection sheet sent out at the beginning of the school year and remember to contact us if your telephone numbers change.

If your child has a medical condition that will need managing in school and you have not yet made us aware of this, please contact Matron.