How do we learn?

One of our priorities for Teaching and Learning this year is to familiarise ourselves with the latest research into how we learn and the cognitive processes that help the learning processes. We have been investing staff training time in understanding the way our brain learns most effectively and trialling six specific strategies that support how our brains learn. We have also been sharing this information with students so they can understand why their teachers ask them to do particular activities in lesson and at home.

We also think it is important for parents and carers to know what we have been doing, so that you can encourage the use of these strategies at home for revision and understand what you can do to help your child learn effectively. If you would like more detailed information about how we learn and tips for parents about to help your child learn more effectively, please click here.

In addition, making sure you ask your child questions about their work, help them check their learning through things like mini quizzes and most importantly, help them get a good night’s sleep, you will be helping them make sure they can do really well at school.