An update on Gifted and Talented

At the end of last year, the school held an information exchange evening about the direction of our Gifted and Talented provision. We wanted to share our vision with you and gather suggestions for how we could improve.

We listened and reflected, and went away to work on some new ideas. Here is how far we have come:

  • We are now using a different name: we are looking for students who are able, interested, and motivated or ‘AIM’. The term ‘gifted’ suggested innate superiority, and there is evidence to suggest that the use of such labels is misleading and counterproductive.
  • We now identify students differently. Departments have their own criteria and students are nominated for specific subjects. We have moved away from ability tests as several students in the past have gone ‘under the radar’. Our nomination process is complete, so we may soon be contacting home to celebrate your child’s achievements and to suggest how you could extend their learning beyond the classroom.
  • We have run a couple of staff training sessions on how to stretch the most able students, and we are looking at how to include this in our new teaching and learning policy.
  • We have completed a survey with students in all year groups to see what they think about the culture of learning within school. We will also be running a series of focus groups to find out more. 
  • Our AIM Policy is finished and waiting to be approved by governors, and will soon be available on the school website for you to read.

Our next focus is enrichment, particularly links with outside schools, and an increased focus on the most able in the classroom.

All feedback welcome.