Another Eggcellent term

Pictured: Year 7 & 8 Fancy Dress Sponsored Walk

It’s time to put your feet up and dig in to some chocolate after another eggcellent term here at Wood Green School. Everyone has succeeded in something this term, from the Year 8s English exams to the Year 10s braving their first exams in the hall: the mocks.

Another thing for us to be proud of is Charities Week. At the start of the week, students showcased their talents in front of a BIG audience in order to raise money. Congratulations go, too, to the Year 11 boys who got their legs waxed on stage; I think we’re all glad it wasn’t us! While all this was going on, tutor groups hosted their own fun activities to raise money such as wheelbarrow races, cake sales, car washing, skittles challenge and sponsored silences.

Thank you everyone for a great term. Have a great holiday and don’t eat too many Easter Eggs!

By Jacob Gray 8EA and Lily Jones 8SE.