Attendance and Punctuality

Message from Mr Bonsell, Director of Learning Communities

Over the last three weeks we have been focussing on lateness to school. I would like to thank you for your support in encouraging your child to arrive at school on time. The initial analysis of this year’s late figures with the corresponding period last year shows an improvement. A good outcome but still one which we want to improve on! From the beginning of next term we will be focussing on those students who are persistently late and will be putting in place interventions which we hope will help them to improve their punctuality.

At the beginning of this term I spoke to all of years 7 to 11 about the links between good attendance at school and good examination outcomes. The overall school target for attendance this year is 95% and we are already working with students and parents to encourage better attendance for individuals.

I have attached a leaflet about attendance which shows the clear link between achievement and attendance. It also gives some advice about how to maintain good levels of attendance.

Thank you for your efforts in supporting our drive for better punctuality – I look forward to working with you to increase levels of attendance across the school.

Mr M Bonsell