Carnegie Medal Report

Wood Green School hosted a special Carnegie Medal Event on 23 June, joining with students from Bartholomew School. Through drama, specially devised games and quizzing, the students tested out their knowledge of the shortlisted books. The event culminated in a vote which for the first time ever resulted in a tie between The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks and Rooftoppers written by Katherine Rundell. The official winner of the Carnegie Medal for 2014 is Kevin Brooks for The Bunker Diary as judged by the School Library Association panel.

Pictured above students from both schools trying to crack codes from the books.

'The best part of the day was meeting students from other schools.'

'Socialising with different students was a really good thing to do. It was interesting hearing other views on the books.'

'I love talking about books and the day gave me the opportunity to do this with students across several year groups.'

'It was a fun day. I really loved the drama but I found the quiz very challenging.'