Creating ART Workshops - 1st and 2nd March 2017

Wood Green Year 7 Art students had the opportunity to take part in Willow Art/Sculptures workshops led by Emily Cooling from Creating ART over two days last week. 

Creating ART is committed to creating a unique environment where adults and children can learn new ways to express themselves and experiment with arts and crafts techniques ranging from the very basic to the truly complex and exotic. The Workshops they put on help participants learn creatively, build self-confidence and self-esteem, and gain skills that are both practical and artistic.

'This was an excellent opportunity for some of our Year 7 students to learn a new skill. These students will also have the opportunity in the summer term to develop this experience and qualify for the Bronze Arts Award' Ms D'Arcy, Head of Art. 

'I found it fun because I put my hands in glue and we used things we have never used before. It was creative.' Mercayd Morgan-Allen, Year 7

Our students experienced full day workshops where they learnt traditional willow weaving techniques with a contemporary design to make Maple leaf structures to reflect our new Academy Logo. 

'The experience was really fun and different. We don't usually spend the whole day doing Art so I enjoyed it and had a great time. ... I didn't have a favourite part because I liked the whole thing. I was pleased with the finished model. It was a great opportunity to work with friends as a co-operating team'.Helena Molyneux-Garcia, Year 7 

'I enjoyed the day because of how Emily helped us and because we can gain a qualification in Willow Art. My favourite part was when we cut out the mermaid. I think it turned out really well and the mermaid was the best bit'. Martha Hitchcox, Year 7. 

'I enjoyed the day because it was a fun experience to do something different for the whole day. My favourite part was when we were constructing the willow base as a group. I found it a great chance to co-operate and work all together. I think it turned out really good and colourful. I am really proud of our groups' work' Alice Yates, Year 7. 

'... I think my groups' work was really good and we worked well together. We did a sea with mountains and a sunset in the background'. Charlotte Hall, Year 7.

These workshops were sponsored by the Arts Council Grant given to the Acer Trust.