Eco Day Review

"On Eco Day Mrs Ward sorted us into tables. Some people from Green Schools came to teach us about the eco hierarchy. We were taught all sorts of different things. We re-used some cardboard and other items to make balloon powered cars. Our groups had to co-operate to build our cars and we finally tested them. There was a prize for the winner who stood up for us all to clap." Daniel Mann 7CMS

"On the 21st May period 1 & 2 the whole of Year 7 (Year 8 did it period 3 & 4) were learning about reusing and recycling. The people taught us the best ways to help the environment and stop pollution. After this, we were put into groups, and started to plan and build a car made out of recycled objects."  Alice Mcintyre 7CMS

"2 people from Green Schools come into our school. Firstly we had a woman talk about recycling and when we don’t recycle, where it goes. Then we had to make cardboard cars, think is it aerodynamic, wheel straightness, and all the things a good car would need. Finally we raced them using balloons. It was great fun."  Alfie Macintyre 7CMS

"It made us use team work. Helped us be creative. It made us think about the environment." Luke Edwards 7CMS

"It was really fun! We wish we could have spent more time doing it. It was exciting!" 7GEF comments