Eco Group Success

Congratulations to our Year 8 Eco group: Jess Showan, Freya Green, Sophie Raven and Samantha Hicks all from 8DJB who have won an Oxfordshire-wide Schools competition to create a successful Eco Business. Their winning idea included collecting rubbish from the school site, recycling it into jewellery and other items to sell. The money raised went towards buying a new recycling bin for school.

“I thought the eco project was a fantastic experience. I liked working on our project and it was interesting seeing the effect it had on our school. The support we received from friends, family and our classmates was phenomenal” Samantha Hicks 8DJB

“It has made us more aware of environmental issues around us. Our business idea was to use litter to make jewellery and key rings. Our sales have been successful and we look forward to continuing them in the future.” Sophie Raven 8DJB

“I have really enjoyed being part of our Eco Group and feel we have made a difference to the amount of litter on our school grounds.” Jess Showan 8DJB

“We are using our profits to buy a litter bin for our school which we hope will reduce litter further throughout the year.” Freya Green 8DJB