Economist Schools' offer: 32 issues for £15

Students taking A Level Economics, Government and Politics, or simply interested in an analysis of current UK and world events may be interested in taking advantage of a special subscription offer from the Economist.

Recent articles include - Globalisation versus localism; China’s space programme; Why multinationals are like drug dealers (?); What currency speculators can learn from the price of a Big Mac?; Bacteria that make you fat.

The high street price of one edition is £5. A print and digital subscription via Wood Green costs £15 for 32 issues – a saving of 90%

Please note that magazines are delivered to the school only during term time and up to five days after publication, but can be accessed immediately via the web.

If you want to subscribe for one year then

  1. Take a cheque made out to Wood Green School for £15 to the Finance Office
  2. Email Mr Young to arrange collection: