Emily Buley Award 2017

The winner of The Emily Buley Prize is a student who brightens a room when she walks in. She is constantly smiling and cheerful, interested in people and always positive in her approach to whatever activity he is doing. Academically, she always strived to achieve her best, working hard and using whatever resources were available. Week in and week out she would be seen in the Biology, Psychology and English departments working on improving and applying her skills. In tutor time and in lessons, She could be relied on to make thoughtful contributions to discussions as well as really listening to others, responding as required.

However, the reason why she is the ideal person to be awarded the Emily Buley prize is for the work she did around school, with and for other students, and in the Sixth Form. Her energy was infectious and she would never hog the limelight, but include everyone in the activity. As a sixth form leadership team member, she was very active in organising the Charities Week events.  She was supportive and kind with the lower school students who were under her guidance and was a great role model to them. It is with great pleasure that we award the Emily Buley prize to Lois Smith.