Frantic Assembly Workshops (Year 9) - Tuesday 31st January 2017 - Thursday 2nd February 2017

Wood Green Year 9 students had the unique opportunity to take part in physical theatre workshops led by Frantic Assembly on Tuesday 31st January, Wednesday 1st February and Thursday 2nd February.

Frantic Assembly is an internationally renowned theatre company inspiring innovative practice and unlocking creative potential. The students experienced two-hour workshops, exploring a range of physical theatre techniques developed by the company, including a repertoire of new skills that they can apply to their own devised performances. 

This was an exciting experience which left everybody feeling inspired. Students and teachers are really looking forward to embarking on the practical projects they learnt in the future!

"This was an excellent opportunity for our year 9 students to experience Frantic Assembly's exciting and innovative style, I was particularly proud of the way that the students dealt with the content of the workshops taking on lifts and physical movement outside of their comfort zones". Head of Drama

“It got us working together, gave us a good insight into the techniques of physical theatre should we choose this as a career path. I thought it was really fun learning the lifts". Bethan Langley (Year 9)

Students in the centre - Daniel Liu and Amber Young (Both Year 9)

“I learnt how to trust people when I’m acting in a physical way. It is easier to do when you can trust the person you are working with. I gained useful information that I could take back to my drama lesson”. Hector Fischer-Bartlett (Year 9)

Naj Brunet Rozman and Connor Topping (Both Year 9)

“It was unusual and not what I expected to be! It was interesting to learn what this theatre group does. I liked learning the lifts as well as the floor work”. Niamh Nowlan (Year 9)

Laura Brown (Year 12) with Steve Miller (Workshop facilitator - Frantic Assembly)

“It was fun, challenging, intimate at times, dramatic and athletic. We had a very good teacher and we enjoyed learning to do lifts.” Jamie Swift and Rob Carney (Year 9)