German Exchange

For the past week we have taken part in the German Exchange, we have had a great time. The pairing worked really well and our exchange students tended to have the same or similar likes as we did. We had a great amount of fun at the weekend when we got to choose what to do with our exchange partner.

On the Saturday some partners went ice-skating which they enjoyed. Some others went to the Warner Brothers Studios which they also enjoyed. In the evening we attended a party which one of our friends had organised for the exchange students. This was really good because everyone got to meet all the other exchange students and it was a nice break for everyone to be able to talk to someone who spoke their language. On Sunday we went to Blenheim Palace which everyone enjoyed.

The exchanges said that they really enjoyed learning about English culture and trying all the food. One exchange student enjoyed a type of food, baked beans, so much that she took a few tins home.

We feel that our German has improved by just spending a week with a German person and hopefully they feel that their English has improved. We are really looking forward to going to Germany in June to learn all about their culture, try their foods and help our German improve even more.

Niamh Talbot and Jodie Douglas 9DJW

We also had a successful French Exchange this week.