ICT Coursework deadline 15 00 Friday 20 June 2014

Dear student

The vast majority of Year 11 have completely finished all their OCR IT coursework. A few have one or two small tasks which they want to improve. This email is addressed to those students

  • Mrs Tylee or Mrs Whiting are not in school next week so if you have any issues or questions please email me: r.young@wgswitney.org.uk
  • All set tasks are now online Unit 1 Business Documents: Web view Unit 23 Video (Web view). Some students need access to Unit 4 Multimedia (Web view)
  • The deadline for any minor tweaks or edits is 15 00 Friday 20 June 2014 so that work can be ready for the moderator’s visit in July
  • If you do intend to make any changes then please email me r.young@wgswitney.org.uk and attach the piece or work so that I can mark it. Alternatively email me to set up a one-to-one feedback session


I have copied this message to Year 11 parents


Kind regards


Mr Young

Director of Digital Learning | Head of Economics

Wood Green School


The views expressed are not necessarily those of the school or the LA