Interact Club Presentation 6.10.15


When my Mum dropped me off for the evening that night, I was a bit anxious. I’m not the most talkative person, so I had to take a deep breath before I went in.

It was really good! I was paired up with another Interactor and we had to talk to the representative of the African Children’s Fund who came for the evening and it was great. It was nice to hear more about what they do as a charity and what our fund raising money actually means to them. We had some really good conversation. Other Interactors looked after the guest from the Child Brain Injury Trust.

Later that night came the speeches and the awards, as well as, most importantly the presentation of the cheques to the two charities we had chosen to support throughout the year.

It made me feel great inside when one of the Interactors did a recap of the year and how well we did for each fund raising event. I even won an award, which came to me as a very big surprise. I was awarded the prize for Personal Development.

All of this and more made that evening so fantastic and it will certainly be a night that I won’t soon forget.

Stephen Howard, member of Wood Green Interact Club



Wed 6 October 2015