Message from Heads of Year and Tutors - Equipment for Lessons

Dear Parents/carers

Being properly equipped for lessons is very important so that students can get straight down to work and teachers don't waste learning time on handing out equipment to students who have forgotten theirs. Thank you to all the parents who make sure their child is fully equipped for lessons and Ready to Learn. 

We wanted to highlight this before the summer holidays to make sure that students are fully equipped for their lessons at all times when we restart school in September.  Please click here for a list of equipment that is needed for all lessons and the consequences for not having it. There are some additions from the standard we have set this year so please do check with your child.

Tutors will check each week that they have the equipment and sanctions will follow for those who do not. Please contact your child’s tutor at school if there are any problems with your child being fully equipped and we will work with you to make sure your child is properly equipped and Ready to Learn. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and have a great summer.

Heads of Year and Tutor