Message from Mr Bonsell about cold weather and uniform

Dear Parents/Carers

Thank you again for all of your efforts in ensuring your children look smart, professional and ready to learn at Wood Green. The new uniform has made a real difference to how the students feel about themselves which is very encouraging.

As less clement weather will inevitably happen over the coming winter months, I would like to reiterate the guidelines for coats. The details which appear on the website are thus:

Jackets should be in a neutral colour (blue, black, grey), should not have writing on (fashion labels, band names) and should provide protection from the British weather. Hooded tops are not permitted as they do not provide adequate protection from the elements. Denim jackets are also not permitted. Hooded tops and denim jackets will be confiscated from students and parents will be asked to collect them from the main office. Coats and jackets should only be worn over a school jumper. Coats and jackets are not a substitute for a school jumper. The school is the final arbiter of what constitutes an approved coat or jacket .

We would ask you to ensure that your son/daughter’s jacket complies with our uniform guidance. Thank you. 

Mr Bonsell, Director of Learning Communities.