Message from Mr Bonsell about mobile phones

The current school policy on mobile phone use is that:

“Mobile phones are permitted in school under the following conditions:

They do not disturb the good order of the school

They are not used as media to abuse or bully other members of the school community

Any student using a phone inappropriately can expect the phone to be confiscated. The phone will be returned at the end of the school day. In certain circumstances a parent may be asked to collect the phone from school”

Unfortunately, There have been a few issues recently caused by students mis-using their mobile phones in school.  Over the course of the coming terms we will be consulting with students, staff ,other schools and parents to adapt this policy as appropriate so that our young people learn how to use their valuable devices alongside the needs of a school day.

In the meantime, any student found to have misused their phone in school, particularly if the mis-use involves videoing or recording, may be removed from lessons while the incident is investigated. Further responses may include isolation or exclusion.

Unlike some schools, we do not currently feel a blanket ban on mobile phones is the answer. We would like to ensure our young people understand how to use them properly and are confident that they, and you will help us to achieve this.