Music For Youth Event Review

A big thank you to all students who participated in the Music for Youth event last Saturday.

All ensembles performed to the best of their ability. The judges were impressed that one school was able to offer the number of ensembles and also by the “quality of their performances.

Judges Feedback:

JUNIOR CHOIR -  An Impressive blend of balance of young voices, creating a well-integrated sound.

BIG BAND – Your programme was hugely enjoyable - very well done.

SENIOR CHOIR - You make a good unison sound (upper voices) – not an easy thing to do. Most of the words were clear and the part singing was mostly successful. Well done to the student pianist!

CONCERT BAND - This is an impressively sized concert band with all the sections represented. The balance is generally sound with the melody coming through the textures well. Most of the contrasts of dynamic were observed and there were some atmospheric moments.

CHAMBER CHOIR - An impressive start for a group who have only been together for a few months. This is demanding repertoire. The start of ‘The Lamb’ was atmospheric. Every word was clear and the tuning was admirable. A very promising start to your singing together.  The bass section make a beautiful sound and help to support the rest of the group.

Thanks to Mr Perry for the photo.