Onesie One Mile Walk

‘Every 30 seconds a child is sold to human trafficking…’

The ‘Onesie One Mile Walk’ was a charity event organised to raise money for Hope For Justice and their mission to save modern day slaves and bring them back to their homes.

A group of around thirty pupils, including a year 9, year 7, Henry Box student and many year 8s, walked a mile into the town centre to be met by town councillors and the new mayor. Dressed in onesies and carrying signs reading ‘Real Men Don’t Buy Girls’ or ‘Stop Human Trafficking’ we made a big impression on the rest of the town, raising £70.23 just in donations.

The aim of the fundraiser was to raise money by sponsors but mainly to raise awareness throughout the town. We were delighted with the response we got and grateful to all the people who got sponsored and came along as the more people there were, the bigger the impression was. All money received will be sent to Hope For Justice where they will use it for trips to countries to rescue the slaves.

Slavery needs to be abolished again but the only way we can do it is if everybody works together.

Text by Mary Collingridge 8SE