Proposed new school uniform - Sept 2016

Uniform Consultation

A new, smarter uniform is proposed for September 2016, being phased for all students over the following 12 months. This reason for the change is to create a uniform that reflects the school core purpose ‘Excellence For All’. This is not about improving learning directly, but is about our school presenting itself and giving the right message about Wood Green School to the community of Witney.

School Uniform

The new uniform has been seen by staff, members of the PTA and by the School Council. Over 90% of the School Council were in favour of the new uniform.

A thorough process of sourcing the new uniform has been undertaken and the preferred supplier will continue to be SWI, who currently supply the uniform and also supply Henry Box School.

The new uniform proposed is:

  • White shirt with a collar
  • Green and Black Tie
  • V-neck Jumper – either grey or black depending on feedback
  • School trousers or skirt (as now)
  • Black shoes (as now)
























Your feedback on this uniform is welcomed. Please read through the important information below before completing the consultation.

What will be the cost of the new uniform?

The group looking at the new uniform has been careful not to put an additional cost on parents. The cost of the jumper and tie will be slightly less than the current sweatshirt and polo shirt, and so the total cost will be similar once the cost of a white shirt is factored in.

Will the trousers and skirt have to come from one supplier?

We understand that some parents would like us to have one supplier for these items in order to make the purchase of uniform much simpler. However, we also know from widespread consultation with parents that this presents problems for some children where the supplier’s designs do not fit well. We are also following government guidelines in keeping school branded items to a minimum to allow parents to purchase uniform as cheaply as possible. In order to provide clearer guidance, but still offer choice, we will be providing a list of specific trousers and skirts that will be acceptable at a range of prices from local shops and supermarkets.













Will all students have to wear the new uniform from September?

Current year 6s: All new Year 7s will have to wear the new uniform from September 2016.

Current Years 7 to 9: New Year 8 to 10 students will be required to wear the new shirt and tie from September 2016 and we will phase in the new jumper for students. Students can either wear the new jumper or the existing sweatshirt. This recognises the situation that some parents would not be replacing their existing sweatshirts yet and we do not want to place an additional cost on families.

Current Year 10: Students in Year 11 next year will have the option of wearing the new uniform or they can wear the current uniform, including the polo shirt. They will be the last year allowed to wear the old uniform. Students can wear the new uniform if they prefer. We will write to parents asking them to pre-order any items for next year. The school will hold a stock of the old uniform during next year too.

All students will need to be wearing the new uniform by September 2017.

Sports Kit

We have taken this opportunity to review our Sports Kit at the same time.  Samples have been obtained from our preferred supplier SWI and these are updated modern designs with improved fabrics for sporting activities. 

  • The compulsory Polo tops will be similar design for all students but with a boys/girls fit.
  • The boys will have a compulsory rugby style top layer and girls a long sleeve fleece top. 
  • We will also be introducing optional items such as base layers, leggings and a skort for girls.  All of these items will be available from SWI.

Compulsory Items:

New Green/black vapour polo (boys or girls fit)

Boys Pro-Tec green/black reversible Rugby shirt or Girls black/green Cuatro fleece top

Black shorts

Long black/green sports socks

White sport socks

Optional Items (all available from SWI):

Black base layer plain

Black leggings plain

Black skort for girls

There will be no change to the additional supplementary items such as shin pads and sports trainers.









Will all students have to wear the new PE Kit from September?

Current year 6s: All new Year 7s will have to wear the new uniform from September 2016

Current years 7 to 10: New Year 8 to 11 will have the option to wear either the new PE Kit or remain in the existing items for the following year. If replacement items are required during the year these will be purchased from SWI but in the new design.  However we have arranged to take back existing stock of white polo shirts and black fleeces and sell these at a heavily discounted price for the following year while stocks last. More information on this will follow.

All students will need to be wearing the new sports kit by September 2017.



































Below is a link to a consultation about the new uniform. If you would like to give your feedback, please do so by Thursday 28th April 2016.