Dear Parents

The overwhelming majority of students at Wood Green School attend school regularly and arrive at school in good time. Over the last few weeks all students have received information about the importance of good levels of attendance and good punctuality, not just for their success at school but also as good life skills.

We will soon be publishing a quick guide of our expectations and targets for attendance at Wood Green School.

From Monday 19th January, we will introduce a new system for monitoring punctuality. As the school day starts officially at 8.30 a.m. any student arriving late to school after 8.30 a.m. without a good reason, can expect to have to make up that time either during the school day or after school. We will continue to monitor punctuality and will contact parents individually to address individual student’s punctuality if it gives cause for concern.

If you are aware that your son/daughter will arrive late, please give them a written note to avoid any misunderstandings when they are asked about their lateness.

In short, the continuing message is “be on time!”. I am sure you, as parents, will want to work with us to ensure that happens.

With best wishes

Mr M Bonsell

Director of Learning Communities