Safeguarding and Absence - Information for Parents/Carers

You may have heard of the disturbing report of a school child who was picked up on Wednesday morning in Oxford by two strangers in a car. While there is no immediate cause for concern in Witney and the surrounding area, as part of our duty of care, we have reminded all students through morning notices about the need to be vigilant and not to accept lifts from strangers. Wherever possible to try to walk to and from school in a group.  We will continue these reminders in assemblies next week.

This situation also underlines the importance of parents contacting school if their child is not going to be in that day and also responding to any absence checks made by school staff. This allows us to act swiftly if a child’s whereabouts is unknown.

If you know that your child is not in school please ring and leave a message on 01993 702355 and select option 1.

Thank you

Mr Bonsell, Director of Learning Communities