Summer 2015 Resits for GCSE, AS and A Levels

The forms for resitting exams this coming Summer are now available from either the 6th Form Office or outside the Exams Office (in the Main Office area).

  • Please collect a form yourself 
  • Indicate with a tick the resit/s you wish to take in Summer 2015
  • Get your subject teacher to give you an estimated grade and initial against the unit you wish to resit
  • Add up and write in the total fees payable at the bottom of the table on the 3rd page
  • Make sure you have written your name, form and signed where indicated to do so
  • Take your form and payment to the Finance Office.  Cheques should be payable to “Oxfordshire County Council”

If the exam you wish to resit is not on the sheet, please see Mrs Pitt in the Examinations Office as soon as possible.

The deadline for returning your form and payment was Thursday 15th January 2015.  Any requests received after this date may be subject to late entry charges.