UK Senior Mathematical Challenge

On Thursday 6th November, 30 Year 12/13 students studying Maths participated in the UKMT Senior Mathematical Challenge. They were competing with approximately 100,000 students nationwide.  The top performing students were awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze Certificates. Our students achieved 1 Silver and 6 Bronze Certificates.

Paul Inch (13HMS) - Best in School, Best in Year 13 - Silver

George French (13HMS) - Bronze

James Ellis (12RJM) - Best in Year 12 - Bronze

Luke Frewin (12JW) - Bronze

Emily Hutter (12JW) - Bronze

Josh Green (12JS) - Bronze

Tom O'Neil (12 HBS) - Bronze

Well done to all the students who took part.  It is a very creditable result especially when it is realised that a large number of them were just one or two correct answers away from achieving Bronze.

Dr A B Kendrick HLTA (Maths & Physics Specialist)