Uniform Update

Dear Parents/Carers

Thank you for your support over the last month in our drive to ensure our young people come to school looking smart and ready to work.

As I have written before a very small number of students continue to have an issue with some items of the uniform. The school has been in contact with their parents and has established a date for resolution of the issue. Some of the areas of confusion are footwear, trousers and hoodies.

  • Footwear should have no brand name or logo on it. It is not acceptable to colour or tape over the logo. Footwear may not be canvas.
  • Trousers with jeans style rivets are not acceptable wear for school. Trousers which fade through wear and washing are jeans and students will be asked to replace them as they are not plain black trousers.
  • Hoodies, sweatshirts, tracksuit tops are not acceptable for school. If worn they will be confiscated. Parents will be asked to come and collect confiscated hoodies.

From Monday any student attending school in incorrect uniform without a covering note from home will serve a detention after school of one hour. Persistent refusal to adhere to the uniform rules will result in further sanctions.

I know that these measures will only apply to a minority of our school community and am confident that the vast majority of the students will continue to attend school ready to work and very smart.

Thank you again for your support

Mr M Bonsell

Director of Learning Communities

24th Sept 2015