Uniform Update from Mr Bonsell

Dear Parents/Carers

I would like to take this opportunity at the end of the second term to update you on our uniform at Wood Green. The vast majority of students continue to wear non-labelled appropriate shoes, smart non-jeans style trousers or appropriate skirts. Most are sensibly opting for weather proof coats and they will certainly have felt the benefit of them in the last few weeks! A small number of students are forgetting the high standards they set themselves earlier in the year. Could I remind you and them that canvas shoes and shoes with labels (Vans, Converse etc) are not appropriate to Wood Green’s uniform expectations and should not be work to school? Students will continue to be reminded of this and there will be a uniform “push” early in 2016 with students who do not wear correct uniform and do not have a note from home, being detained after school.

At the beginning of the year the school gave a concession to students wearing trousers with patch pockets even though those “jeans-style” trousers were not acceptable items of uniform. As those style of trousers have been washed over the past months they are now fading to a washed grey and as such clearly reveal themselves as “jeans-style” trousers. School will be asking students to replace faded trousers as appropriate to meet the smart expectations we have for our students. Please note the that “jeans-style” trousers with patch pockets or rivet fastenings will not be acceptable at all from September 2016. I would ask you to consider this if you need to by new trousers for your son/daughter at any time during the rest of this academic year.

Thank you

Mr Bonsell

Director of Learning Communities