WGS becomes an Academy - 1st February 2017

On 1st February 2017 Wood Green School became an academy as part of the Acer Multi-Academy Trust. This follows the consultation process that was carried out in 2016 in Wood Green and in all schools forming the Trust.

The Acer Trust has been co-founded by four schools: Wood Green School, Chalgrove Primary School, Icknield Community College and Matthew Arnold School.

Governors at all four schools have agreed that working together will be in the best interests of all students.

The Acer Trust is a new Trust in Oxfordshire and Wood Green School is proud to be one of the founding schools. All four schools have strong track records of high performance or rapid improvement and share similar values. We believe that this partnership will add real benefit to Wood Green School.

The key values of the Acer Trust are Trust, Equity and Opportunity. This is why we feel these are important to a successful collaboration:

  • Trust – we trust each other to share best practice freely between all of our schools. We also trust each other to be honest when it comes to challenging areas which need improving. Through collaboration and challenge, our schools will continue to develop.

  • Equity – there is no lead school in the Acer Trust and each school will keep its own character and its own governing body. We believe that each school is equally valued and that we all have a shared purpose to provide the best education for every one of the students across our four schools.

  • Opportunity – being part of the Trust will bring new opportunities for students and staff. Already, the Arts Council has given a significant grant to run a large scale Arts project across the four schools and many other opportunities in other areas of school such as Science and Sport will follow. Staff will have more opportunity for training by accessing practice across more schools, which will benefit every student.

Already students are benefitting: the Arts Council has funded a project with Stomp, Frantic Assembly and an artist in residence visiting every school this year. Staff are beginning to enjoy collaborating with colleagues across the schools too.

Wood Green will continue to work with schools locally and enjoy creating extra opportunities as part of the Acer Trust.