WGS Critical Incident Plan - Information for Parents/Carers

Dear Parents

Our primary responsibility at Wood Green School is to keep our students and staff safe.

In keeping with all other institutions we have agreed procedures which we follow in the event of an emergency. For example, we share fire procedures with staff and students regularly and conduct regular fire drills.

Today we have shared with your children our procedure in the event of an intruder gaining access to our site. This was done via tutor notices and students will be reminded of it in days to come. At some point in the future we will practise that critical incident drill.

I have heard from a variety of tutors that the students demonstrated great maturity when listening to the procedures and it is a great credit to them and to you that they responded in this way to information which might be unsettling.

Your child may well talk about what they have heard today. We will continue to reassure them that having a procedure like this does not mean we expect an incident to happen. Their continued mature response to it will help the school keep them safe.

Mr M Bonsell

Director of learning Communities