WGS Interact Club - January News

This January we have returned to our normal meetings after a party we had celebrating our Christmas term. We partook in our first coffee morning fundraiser of the new year, where there were lots of smiley faces ans helpful donations. We had a meeting organized by one of our presidents Isabelle Lodge, in which she enthusiastically showed us how to make our own finger prints using chocolate powder, hand cream and precision. We have been looking into our planning for our schools charity week where we have been given activities to host in order to raise more money for our charities.

In more recent news some off our office holders and long standing members were invited to The Rotarians Celebration dinner. Where we all had a wonderful time, not only enjoying ourself a bit also raising over £100 in the raffle we ran. We also had a few more enrollments last week for some off our new members.

Thankyou Rotary for your continued support 

Yours Sincerely 

Secretary Emily Whitear

On behalf of Wood Green Interact Club