WGS take part in National Heartstart Day - Tuesday 18th October

As part of National Heartstart Day in association with the British Heart Foundation, Dick Tracey, ambulance officer for the South Central Ambulance Service, came to Wood Green to lead training sessions in basic CPR and life-saving skills.

Every year, over 30,000 people in the UK suffer a cardiac arrest out of hospital. Less than one in ten people survive. In Norway, where CPR is taught to all pupils at school, one in four people survive. If we achieve the same survival rates as Norway, we could save almost 5,000 more lives every year.

On 18th October, all year 7 and year 9 students completed this training. Each year group will go through this training by the end of term 2, including watching training dvds, listening to a real life case study and gaining first hand practical experience of important life-saving skills, overseen by the senior ambulance crew. Each student will be awarded a certificate of attendance to recognise these new skills. The Nuffield Health Manor hospital have also agreed to fund a new AED unit (Automated Electronic Defibrillator) or ‘defib’ machine for the school to coincide with this training. Important messages and skills were taken away from some interactive and fun sessions.