Wood Green Pilots a wellbeing project with Nuffield Health

Wood Green School has been selected to be the national pilot school for a wellbeing project with Nuffield Health, a non-profit health and wellbeing organisation. Nuffield Health works closely with hundreds of companies across the country to provide wellbeing facilities, such as health checks and advice, gym facilities and nutrition, but it is now looking to see the impact of placing a Head of Wellbeing in our school.

The Head of Wellbeing will develop programmes for our students, offer advice, and help us to develop our restaurant. Nuffield Health will also improve our fitness facilities, giving students more opportunities.

A Letter to parents was sent home on 7th September 2015 together with an Information leaflet ‘Nuffield Wellbeing Project at Wood Green School: what data will be collected and how it will be used’

Please return the Consent Form by Wednesday 23rd September 2015