World Book Day Challenge

For World Book Day 2016, Softlink set a challenge to Wood Green School.

The challenge was for the school to join together and read a total of 5,000,000 words during the day. If the school could complete the challenge, Softlink and Browns Books for Students who have been working together for a number of years, would donate £500.00 worth of resources to the library. Softlink and Browns Books for Students also gave the school prizes to give out as an extra incentive for the students. Softlink set the challenge to help encourage reading for pleasure within the school.

‘The day was fantastic’ said Sally-Ann Enright, Literacy Lead at Wood Green School. ‘The children and staff all joined in with enthusiasm. Everyone did so well’.

Students and staff were given tally cards to record their totals. These were calculated the following day and the result was impressive: the school read a total of 6,832,407words! We have promoted a major push on the levels of reading over the past two years and this has been supported strongly by the head teacher. We believe that with better reading skills, students will be better able to cope with the new, more rigorous GCSEs.

Val Donoghue, school librarian added, ‘We were so excited about the five million word challenge, we are so lucky to have such a fantastic library which is heavily used by students from all year groups. Everyone in school entered into the spirit of the challenge. Teachers cleverly incorporated all kinds of reading into their lessons so that every student was able to participate. We all thoroughly enjoyed the competition. When the results started to come in I was a bit anxious that we wouldn't make the target. Then with one final rush of scores we achieved 6 million plus. Some of us wished we could continue the challenge the next day as we were really into our books.’

Wood Green School have been clients of Softlink since 1994 when we began using the Alice Library Management System. In 2004 we upgraded to the Oliver system - the most engaging school based Library management system available. Oliver works well for us and the students really benefit from using it.

Softlink have thanked everyone at Wood Green School for taking on the challenge and doing such an amazing job.

Next week in school, students will be invited to contribute suggestions during tutor time for books we can now buy with our £500.


General Manager, Chris McPhee, of Softlink presenting the cheque to

Val Donoghue and Sally-Ann Enright at Wood Green School.