Year 7 Cornbury Residential 2016

Year 7 had their Residential last week. A great time was had by all.

‘It was a fun 3 days and 2 nights. There were a lot of games.’


‘Very fun and glad I went.’

‘It was very enjoyable and active. The food was great and there was plenty of it. Loads of fun games.’

'We did lots of exciting activities and learnt how to survive in the wild like Bear Grylls.' 

‘The best camping experience ever!’

‘Cornbury was very fun and we learned a lot of skills, such as making fires, building shelters and a lot more. We also jumped into a really cold lake but we really enjoyed it.’

'The salmons eyeball tasted like really bad chewy sweets.'

‘The lake was freezing but fun.’

‘Cornbury was fun and we learnt lots of new things like how to make fires and gut a fish. We also made lots of cool things and got to jump in a lake which was really cold but fun.’

'The lake was colder than the ice bucket challenge!'

’Swimming in the freezing cold lake was amazing.’

‘When we went to Cornbury Park, I really enjoyed the activities especially swimming in the lake!!!’

‘I really liked the swimming in the lake but the activities were fun too. They have nice leaders too.’

‘It was really fun and the food was brilliant.’


‘At Cornbury Park we had lots of fun playing games and doing all the activities. We didn’t sleep much but that’s hardly the point.’

‘Cornbury Park was an enjoyable experience for me!’

‘It was fun getting outdoors for 3 days’

‘Cornbury Park was really fun and interesting’

‘It was fun.'