Beauty and The Beast captivates audiences of all ages

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Pictured above: The Beast (Reuben Wertheim) meets Beauty (Olivia Thomas) for the first time.

Nearly 100 students aged 11-18 starred in Wood Green School’s spectacular production of Beauty and The Beast. Sell-out audiences were treated to the timeless tale of the ‘true nature of beauty and the transformational power of love’, which was brought to glorious life in Laurence Boswell’s brilliant adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Local Primary Schools were treated to a special performance on Tuesday morning as the cast and crew had their final Dress Rehearsal.

Witney Community Primary School Year 5 pupils have since written some fantastic reviews as part of their lessons …

“Their acting was amazing! They pulled lots of different expressions for different emotions”.

“My favourite character was the Beast because he had the right voice and had a really good costume”.

“My favourite character was Beauty because she’s so nice, friendly and positive. I also like the way she’ll risk her life for her family”.

“I thought the scenery was absolutely amazing!”

“The make-up was AMAZING! It was very detailed and looked like professionals had done it”.

“I loved this play!”

“Altogether the play was amazing and I would go to see it again!”

“I loved your performance. I can’t wait for the next one”.

“I would give the play 5 Stars *****”.

… and The Batt C of E Primary have sent also sent us some amazing ‘Thank you’ cards.

The Batt (1)

Beauty and The Beast (2)

Beauty and The Beast (3)

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The Batt (2)

The production did not, however, go completely to plan with Friday’s show having to be cancelled due to snow! But, rather than deny everyone the chance to receive their last night applause, the school put on a special performance on Sunday evening (3rd February).

Anita Ward, Head of Drama and the creative director of the production, said, “I rang round the cast on Friday morning when our school was closed and everyone was fully behind making a Sunday performance work. Beast had to cancel a basketball match to be there! This is typical of the great camaraderie the cast and crew have shown all the way through rehearsals and performances. I am really proud of the students for rallying round and to parents who are supporting us.”

Rob Shadbolt, Headteacher, said “The school is usually shut up on a Sunday evening, so it will be an extra-special performance. Everyone involved worked so hard and it would have been disappointing for so many parents not to see their children perform. I am delighted that the students will get their last night after all.”

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Pictured above: from left to right The Witch (Lily Taylor), Beauty (Olivia Thomas) and The Witch (Shannon Timms)

Beauty and the Beast (1)

Pictured above Beauty’s Father (Daniel Mann) with cast members.

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 Pictured above: Beasts’ Maid (Emily Fox) with cast members.

Audiences tweeted: 

“Fabulous evening at Beauty and the Beast. Another @WGSWitney fantastic production”

“Thoroughly enjoyed it last night, brilliant production @WGSWitney”  

“Great night at @WGSWitney last night, 2 of my kids in the cast and 1 running the Lights and Tech! The PTA are looking to raise £50k for new lights and stage upgrades, let's see what we can do!”