Brain Organisation in Language Development (BOLD) - Research at Oxford University

The Brain Organisation in Language Development (BOLD) study, is a research study currently running in the psychology department of the University of Oxford. The goal of this study is to investigate the development of children and young people's language abilities in the brain, using MRI scans.

We're currently looking for boys aged 10-15 to take part in this study. 

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Parents can email us directly at, visit our website, or phone us on 01865271429.

Children who take part are paid £50 for their time, and we also make them a 3D model of their own brain if they have the MRI scan. I've attached our information sheet, which has more details about the study, and we also have a video showing what happens if children take part:

What will happen if I decide to take part?

This video explains what will happen if you decide to take part in the BOLD study. You can see what it is like to have an MRI scan, and hear from some of our participants!