Election of Parent Governor - Wood Green School

As previously advertised we have a vacancy for one parent Governor on the Governing Body and have received three expressions of interest for this post.  As a result, we are required to hold an election to fill this vacancy.  Ballot papers will be sent home this week.

The governing body has an extremely important role: it is responsible for working strategically in partnership with the headteacher and staff to identify the most important aspects of the school that need to be improved, approving plans to achieve this and ensuring progress.

As a parent/carer at the school you may vote for one candidate from the three candidates listed below.  Each candidate has prepared a brief note about themselves (see below). Voting can only be carried out by returning the paper ballot slip to the school office. The ballot slip can be found on the letter that your child will bring home on the 6th or 7th December. Each parent can vote separately. If you vote for more than one candidate your vote will not be counted. Please put an “X” in the box next to your preferred candidate.

When you have chosen your preferred candidate please fold the ballot paper and return it to the school office via your son/daughter or directly to the office where it will be put in the ballot box.

All ballot papers must be received by 4pm on Tuesday 18th December 2018. Ballot papers received after this time, for whatever reason, will not be counted.

Parent Governor Candidates – December 2018

  1. 1. Rosie Denmark

My name is Rosie Denmark and I would like to become Wood Green’s Parent Governor with responsibility for SEND, if parents decide to elect me.

I am a strong advocate for the rights of children and parents and have personal experience of advocating within the SEND system for over 10 years, successfully obtaining extra help at all levels of support up to and including EHCP. We are all aware of the impact of cuts, but a new way forward IS possible and I would like Wood Green to be part of that change. As an experienced advocate within both the Court and community, I have strong skills in advocating for the rights of children, and am experienced in working with professionals to bring about that change. I am positive, dynamic, friendly and approachable – and passionate and determined that each child’s needs should be identified and met.

I am new to Wood Green and have a child in year 7, but some of you will know me through parent support groups OASIS and PTA. I feel strongly that it is best when parents and professionals truly work together to support a child and the child’s rights are central to that. Every child with SEND deserves to be valued and supported and be able to access the education they have a right to. If elected, I would support all children, parents, governors and staff to work together to create an environment where all SEND children and their families are listened to.

  1. 2. Claire Kohansal

I believe that it is important for every child's experience of school to be a positive one; that makes them feel part of something, promotes confidence, equips them to deal with challenges and develops their self-esteem. I myself am a special needs teacher, currently working with children with medical needs. I believe that every child has the right to access education, whatever the barriers to this may be.

I have lived in Witney for 11 years with my two children. One has just started at WGS and the other is at Witney Community Primary. I have a range of qualifications and experience in special education including autism, mutism, mental health, dyslexia and English as an additional language and am a forest school leader. I would welcome the opportunity to contribute my experience to the Woodgreen community and it's governing body.

  1. 3. Paul Titterton

I have lived in Witney for coming up to 10 years, and have my eldest daughter Elsie at WGS. I have over the last 20 years built considerable experience running large businesses within the financial services sector, with up to 5000 employees serving millions of customers and managing a significant budget, through both the good times and the bad. I believe the experience I have gained is transferable and would be of benefit to the school. I am excited about the prospect of supporting the local community, and playing my part in a school we are all very proud of, be it a parent, teacher or pupil.

[Posted 6th December 2018]