Student's petition in support of the 'Global Climate Strike'

News article by Martha Burnett-Cooke, Year 11

DSC 0071 petition 2

Martha pictured above handing over her petition to Robert Courts, MP

Thank you to all of you who signed my petition on Friday the 20th of September. By organising this petition, I am trying to raise awareness about the importance of climate change on a political level. Normally, I would have attended the global strike. However, being in year 11, I feel this is a very important year in my school life and felt I couldn’t miss it. Nevertheless, I couldn’t ignore the situation and not take some action towards the crisis; hence this petition. With help from my fantastic RE teacher, we set it up.

This was the largest climate strike in world history. How could I not be a part of it? Over 4 million people took part in strikes all over the world in 150 countries, which is absolutely incredible! The protest was to demand action to be taken to address climate change. With my petition, I managed to gather as many names as possible in the short time I had. I was extremely pleased to be asked to present this petition to our local MP, Robert Courts, on Friday the 27th of September. Thank you to everyone who has helped me deliver my message, taking care of our world is crucial.

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