The Greatest Show - Lower School Festival 2018

The Lower school Festival is an opportunity for all of the Year 7 and 8 students to come together to celebrate their skills across the school and beyond. Each department within the school runs a competition, which can range from written work, posters, making and performing. There is one entry per tutor group for each of the competitions which leads to points awarded on the day of the Festival. This year's festival took place on Wednesday 5 December.

LSF 2 DSC 7127

DSC 7120 DSC 7128

"Once again Lower School Festival was a raving success. Year 7 and 8 pupils were full of excitement and there was definitely an heir of competitiveness in the air. Students from both years showed just how much talent there is in Wood Green, from Amazing performances in the talent competition (Wood Green really does have talent!), to fantastic individual musical and drama performances. 

DSC 7252 DSC 7291                                                                         

DSC 7207DSC 7230

Students were also able to display their artistic abilities in a number of poster and written challenges along with the final of the spelling bee. All in all it was a morning of great fun and enjoyment for all those involved." Mr Curtis, Lower School Festival Lead Teacher. 

LSF 14 LSF 15

The overall winning Tutor Group for Year 7 was 7CMS And the winning tutor group for Year 8 was 8JS

Well done to all who took part!