WGS Christmas Collection for 'Homes4All'

Thank you to everyone who so kindly supported us with our collection of items for homeless people in Oxfordshire. We invited Deborah Robson-Grey, from local charity ‘Homes4All’, into our final assembly before Christmas and she was so grateful to receive our donations on behalf of the charity. It was a pleasure for us to listen to her speak about their charity work so passionately and for students from our Kindness Club to then present her with over 60 shoe boxes that were full of useful items that you have helped us to collect. We then dropped off a big box of food and some warm clothing to the charity later that day. All in all – this act of kindness to our community has been a great success, so thank you for supporting it with generosity.

Deborah spoke about how some of the donations would be taken into Oxford that day and distributed by hand. I therefore decided to take a trip into Oxford myself late that evening to see if I could spot any of the boxes by the wrapping paper that we had used. After just 5 minutes of walking on a very cold Thursday evening, I saw two homeless ladies sat together on Broad Street, with a dog and two of our boxes. They spoke with me very openly about how difficult it is on the street but they quickly expressed their appreciation for the gifts – they were particularly grateful for the gloves as they didn’t have any, and the homemade Christmas cards from students. The chocolates also made them smile! It was very heart-warming to see our actions making a real difference to real people in our community. 

Homes4All 1

Some of the 65 boxes!                       

Homes4All 2

Grateful hands receiving one of our boxes    

Homes4All 3

A Kind Christmas card made by a Yr 9 student

We have certainly shown our community that we really care; we have been kind and compassionate. 

Thank you for your kindness.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2019,

Miss Corson